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Have you ever wished there was a safe place to go to get trusted advice to grow your business.

A place where you can get your hands on essential know-how, jargon-free training, and a “lawyer on demand”?

Here at Serenwood we’ve been helping small businesses with their growth and commercial issues for nearly 10 years. We’re a team of commercial lawyers who left “Big Law” to deliver commercially-focussed advice to help businesses grow. We’re a small business ourselves, so we know first hand how hard it can be to get the right answers at the right time from people you can trust. At a price you can afford. And in a language you can understand.

So we’ve created Our Business Club because we want to help you thrive. We want your business to succeed.

Establishing, developing and growing a business is exciting, but can also be lonely & stress-inducing especially when you’re starting out. Each week brings new challenge as you wrestle with wearing all the different hats, juggling the plates, making 100’s of decisions on what to do next and worrying about “all the stuff you don’t yet know”.

The Business Club is an online community we’re creating so that small business owners can come together to learn, share ideas, and create new relationships to support growth. It’ll be perfect for you if:

  • You’re an established business owner who’s been trading for a while, and you’ve got big plans for your business.
  • You know that those big ambitions need strong foundations – there’s no point building on quicksand.
  • You’d love to have a place to go online to get quick answers and trusted know-how, so that you don’t have to waste hours searching the internet only to get duff advice from a faceless non-expert.
  • Business planning is not your forte, but you know you need to nail it if your business is going to scale.
  • You’ve already experienced some challenges, and want to get ahead of the game by knowing how to avoid issues in the future.
  • You’ve not yet got the budget to pay for legal advice, 1-to-1 coaching, or expensive group programmes, so the opportunity to access an experienced lawyer for “been there, done it” guidance is priceless.

What is the Business Club?

It’s an affordable online membership group, where each month we bring you bite-sized training on a core element of business growth. We make it informative and fun and in-between each training we’re on hand in the community to answers your questions so you can apply it directly to your specific business. We’ll connect you with the right people to move you forward. And within the group you get to meet like-minded business owners on the same path as you.

We have a vast amount of know-how to share, so whilst we have a core plan on what to teach you (focussing on how to avoid the common mistakes in business and how to put in place foundations for growth), we’ll also be talking with you to get your feedback and deliver what you need.

Let’s be clear, it’s not just another online course. So you won’t be receiving masses of content or curriculum to follow. We know you’re already short of time, so we don’t want you sat at your computer for hours consuming more information into the early hours.

But we know you do need answers and trusted help. So each month:

  • we deliver a short, sharp dose of valuable training on a key theme, via an online workshop (no more than 2 hours).
  • there’ll be a live group Q&A session online, so that you can speak to us and get answers to questions specific to your business.
  • we’ll give you practical resources on that monthly theme (e.g. downloadable checklists and and information on tools, suggested suppliers, places to go for more help, options for advanced training)
  • within the group we’ll be encouraging you to share ideas, celebrate your wins, ask for and offer help, and mingle with other members
  • we’ll be bringing in outside experts to give new perspectives on that particular theme.

The Business Club creates a trusted safe environment where you come to learn and get fast answers, saving you time and money and sleepless nights. No more worrying about whether you’re doing the right things at the right time to secure your business for the future. You’re investing in valuable expertise and knowledge which will give you the confidence and clarity to grow as the leader of your business.

How will joining the Business Club help you?

Well, here’s some issues faced by the average business owner, and the monthly theme that will fix it for you inside our Business Club

  • You have a vision for the business but it’s not clear or ambitious enough, and doesn’t translate to a low-level plan to excite you (Business Planning – tick)
  • You’re worried about cash flow and want to make sure you understand how to get the financial side in order (Understand Your Numbers – tick)
  • You know you need to get your customer contracts checked and ensure that your website trading is all legitimate (Contract Foundations – tick).
  • You’re creating amazing things but worry that a competitor may steal them or use your brand or content (Brand Protection – tick)
  • You want to find the right partners and affiliates to grow your sales but feel out of your depth in negotiations (Deal Shaping – tick)
  • You came into business for freedom, but there’s always another fire to fight and you can’t get on top of it all? (Systems and Processes – tick)
  • Customers are buying, but you’re not optimising on repeat business or gaining feedback to improve and scale your offerings  (Customer Journey – tick)
  • You’ve put yourself too much at the centre of the business and are losing energy and enthusiasm but don’t know how to fix it (The CEO Mindset – tick)
  • You’re scared that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and so struggle to make decisions through lack of information (Business101 – tick)
  • Perhaps you need to hire help, but don’t know how best to choose or delegate or create the right structure (Build your Team – tick)
  • You know you need to build relationships with other business owners but it’s hard to find time and space (Leveraging Relationships – tick)

THIS – and how to get laser focussed on your success – is what we work on together in the Business Club

We help you take care of all the ‘tricky bits’ in business, providing you with know-how on legal, financial and strategic growth foundations so you get to be certain on your next steps without stressing about all the things which might trip you up! And, more importantly, we are that trusted friend who can answer your questions and set you straight just when you need it, saving you time and money.

We’re also here as business consultants to guide, correct, and encourage you to build a brilliant business foundation and grow ‘legally’, without the threat of a big bill just when you don’t need it (usually after something’s gone wrong…)

The Serenwood team are commercial lawyers who think like business owners. We’ve worked in ‘Big Law’ but now offer SMEs a smart mix of jargon-free, practical commercial advice with hands-on support. And we know all about the challenges of building a business as we’re living it every day just like you!

If you’ve read this far…

We know that you don’t want to get it wrong, and will take steps not to, because you know that having the basics of business law ‘sorted’ and getting savvy with the ‘tricky bits’ means strong foundations for smart business growth.

We also know you’re OK to not know it all (and no-one expects you to) but you need to know someone who does. Surrounding yourself with experts in different elements of business is always the smartest way to work. You have your accountant for accounts, and now you can have your legal advisors on tap, too.

And you get that there is power in a ‘group’ that encourages expansion. While part of the Get Savvy Business Club is access to information and ‘legal know-how’, the other part is the connection and support you also get from other business owners. With a supportive a group of business owners there is shared knowledge and learning from everyone’s area of expertise. You know that jack-of-all-trades is master of none, but a talented group of trades in one room–that’s the jackpot. And we’re building that in as part of the Get Savvy Business Club.

A successful meeting

Here’s what we know…

We know small business, as we work with them day in and day out (and we are one too).

We know small business owners want easy-to-understand, straight-forward jargon-free help. Which is why we promise never to speak ‘legal-ese’ to you. We’re here to make your life easier.

Step-by-step instructions are standard at Serenwood, and help is on hand when you need it (which, if we’ve done our job well with the contents of the Get Savvy Business Club, won’t be as often as you expect). And by adding in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network with and share your challenges and ideas, you get full support to grow.

The sooner the ‘tricky bits’ of your business are sorted, the more confident you’ll be to tackle new opportunities.

How the Get Savvy Business Club works

You’ll get immediate access to a members-only online hub where the resources will be accessible 24/7, and you can mingle online with other members. Every month we’ll deliver an online training session on the “theme” of that month, followed by a group Q&A session so you can get specific support for your business.
We’ll also be providing practical recommendations on how to improve and strengthen your business in relation to that month’s theme, including recommended tools, suppliers, advanced training if you want to go deeper on the topic.
On a weekly basis, we’ll be encouraging you to hangout in the club online, and sharing useful resources, advice, stories and examples to get you all engaged and thinking about the topic in hand. We want you to make the time to step back from your business and think strategically about the challenges and the opportunities. Having other people in the club to bounce ideas off will be priceless.
We’ll then help you put down strong legal roots, teach you the basics of business law and help you to avoid disputes in your growing business.
As consultants we’ll give you practical help so you can quickly tick off those boring but essential legal tasks which have been keeping you awake at night. Then we’re there to talk growth.

Here’s a taste of the essential know-how we’re bringing to you

  • Contracts, getting paid on time, protecting your brand
  • Negotiating deals and entering into partnerships and affiliate arrangements
  • Signing up to new suppliers and making sure your customers are happy with what they get
  • The rights your clients have and how to make sure you’re compliant with business law
  • Carrying out regular audits on your business and maximising profit and opportunity for growth
  • Providing a ‘place to go’ where you can ask those any legal questions or queries
Get Savvy Business Club

Membership to the Get Savvy Business Club

  • A low monthly fee of £85 +VAT
  • or £850 +VAT if you prefer to pay for one year in one go

Our aim is to create an affordable, accessible and impactful hub for small businesses to run alongside our ‘bigger’ small business clients who pay us retainers (these start at £1000 each month by comparison).

There is a cap on membership to the Get Savvy Business Club to ensure we can give you our Serenwood friendly service and full attention as consultants on tap.

If you know this is for you and you’re ready to take your business growth seriously …come and join us now.

Get Savvy Business Club Monthly

Get Savvy Business Club for a Year

The value of your Membership

Having a legal advisor on hand to support your business growth is, literally, priceless. We’ll be providing you each month with several hours of training, Q&A question sessions, impromptu coaching calls and answering your questions in the online group day in day out. Can you imagine how much time and cash this is going to save you and how much better you’ll sleep at night?
You’ll be given access to our ‘Legal-Easy’ online training programme which covers all the important pillars of business law (we sell this for £550).
You’ve probably read all the gloomy stats around business failure and know that less than 50% of small businesses make it past their third year of trading. Give yourself the best chance of success by learning all the ways to avoid common causes of failure and get-savvy with the commercial information you need to grow from strong foundation. Surround yourself with “been there done it” legal experts plus a great community of entrepreneurs on the same path as you.
For all this you pay only £850 (or £85 a month).

We’re sure you’re already savvy enough to realise this is a bit of a bargain!

Your success is our success. We want you to grow because what the world needs now is powerful entrepreneurs doing good in their communities and feeling good about their success. Together we grow, together we rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you priced the Get Savvy Business Club so low?

This is a new product for us, as we venture online with our digital offerings. We genuinely want to help and impact as many entrepreneurial small businesses as we can, and we’re looking for founding members who are open to getting properly engaged and giving us feedback which will help us structure the Business Club better going forward. So the price reflects the fact that this isn’t going to be a “shiny perfect” thing. Our expertise is highly valuable but we’re most interested in getting that knowledge to you fast and ensuring that it genuinely helps you to move the dial on your business.

Plus, we’re a small business too and we know how hard it is to get help you need at an affordable price. And let’s be honest, there’s another incentive for us too…. because we’re helping you grow your business too, we expect that in a year or two’s time you’ll come to us for help with many things – contracts, affiliate deals, partnership opportunities, sponsorship rights and lots of other lovely complex commercial deals. We want you to get big enough and successful enough to transfer to our retained monthly service.

Our intention is that we grow together.

Does this work for every type of business? (I’m not sure it’s right for mine…)

All the content and training included in the Get Savvy Business Club works for both ‘product’ and ‘service’ based businesses, and you need to already have established revenue lines which you are selling and a sense of direction on where you want to go. Over the 12 months we’ll be taking you through a framework for growth, which covers 10 core areas which every business owner needs to know about. Plus the whole point of making this is “club” with access to real advisors, is that you’ll be able to ask us how it works for your business using the Q&A coaching sessions provided. We want you to become more confident as a business owner and gain knowledge to allow you to step up and make decisions on the future direction of your business, and to move your business onto a strong footing as it grows. If you’re committed to sustainable long-term growth, then this is a great place to be. But let’s face it- at such a low price, it’s worth it for the community alone. Many networking events charge more than £85/ticket and that’s just for a few hours. We’re bringing you into a club for the whole year to connect, collaborate, learn and grow. What business doesn’t need that?

What if I decide I don’t like it?

We don’t want anyone to stay in the Get Savvy Business Club who isn’t happy. We’re looking to create a group of ambitious, driven and passionate entrepreneurs who are going to do amazing things with their businesses in the coming years. If you sign up and find it’s not for you, simply ask for your money back, no questions asked. Obviously, you will have to return any downloaded materials and sign an agreement saying you won’t use any of the documents or training (hey, we’re lawyers), but other than that… you’re entirely free to change your mind.

The content sounds great, but what if there are other things I need over time?

There will always be things you need as a business owner! We’ve designed 12 months of content to be drip-fed to you month by month in a particular order. However, we are happy to evolve and tailor the content on the basis of member needs and feedback – so we’re not laying it out upfront as a “curriculum” because it’s going to be a live programme. We’ll be seeking your input throughout. You’ll get group coaching calls every month to ask questions and ask for support on any specific issue relating to your business (even if it’s not the content theme of that month). If there are enough members asking for the same thing, we will add extra new content and training during the course of the year. We’re connected to a wide network of experts who we can refer you to for specific help. You’ll be subscribed to our newsletter so you’ll also get interesting and valuable content in your inbox. And we’ll be bringing guest experts into the group on a regular basis, to teach you their specialist topics which help you grow your business. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll help if we can or point you in the right direction if we can’t. If something you need lies outside of the scope of the club, we’ll let you know what that would cost, and apply special rates to our usual fees to provide specific commercial advice, coaching or legal support.

How much time do I need to allow for online training?

There is one core training module– our ’Legal-Easy’ course – which takes you through the fundamentals of business law, this is designed to be consumed over 8 weeks (around 2 hours per week). You can, of course, work through it quicker (or slower!) as you prefer. This ‘Legal-Easy’ training remains available in the resource hub throughout the year and so you can revisit or start the training at any time.

The monthly training will be delivered in the first week of every month, on the “theme” for that month. It will consist of a one hour workshop, and downloadable resources to help you take action.  How much time you invest on “doing” the things we recommend very much depends on your business and what elements are important to you. There will always be a live coaching call every month, for you to bring specific questions, and this will also be made available as a replay. You can download training materials and use them in your business forever in accordance with the terms of use which we will provide to you. Other training modules will be added at regular intervals to reflect member requests for information and help.

We recommend that you set aside 1-2 days a month to step into “CEO” mode of your business, and use our resources to focus your mind on commercial strategy, growth aspirations, planning and learning.

Anything else? Drop us a line at hello@serenwood.co.uk

About Serenwood

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Our legal consultancy business Serenwood exists to help people JUST LIKE YOU. We’re a happy team of commercial lawyers who escaped our 9–5 (well, actually, we were pretty much 24/7 hours on-call) careers in Big Law to create a lifestyle business we love. We bring a brand new type of business & legal consultancy service, unique to the marketplace.

Jargon-free, practical commercial advice to empower and educate businesses and help ambitious business owners just like you. We believe passionately that top-quality commercial advice should be accessible and affordable to all. And we know for a fact that that if all small business owners were able to access the legal help they needed at the right time, then they would be able to flourish, blossom and bloom. The Get Savvy Business Club is a great example of the way in which we’re leveraging digital solutions to deliver our know-how in an affordable way in order to impact more and more businesses.

If it’s time for you to get legally-strong, commercially grounded and savvy–come on in.

We’re ready and waiting to guide and support you in your business as you grow.