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Grow your business on strong commercial foundations

Team Serenwood can equip you with everything you need to get legally-savvy and protect your business. And more importantly, we’ll guide you as you grow.

We love working with brave business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to grow but know that big ambitions need strong foundations.

Expanding, developing and growing a business is exciting (and sometimes nerve-wracking!), but we know you’ve got what it takes. You may be near the height of your ambition, or maybe it’s not been that long since you started out–either way you want to make sure all the steps you take are smart, supported and give structure to what you’re building.

And we’re well aware that there’s an aspect to business that’s vital but definitely lacks the ‘excitement’ of expansion plans. Our SME clients tell us ALL THE TIME that they find the legal and financial aspects of running a business overwhelming, confusing, or simply boring! Behind the bravado of being a savvy business owner sits the tricky legal and commercial stuff which can be time-consuming, complicated or even entirely mysterious. Which can often lead to a very natural reaction to ignore it. Ostrich anyone?

But because you’re smarter than that, you know ignoring those ‘tricky bits’ isn’t the answer – as you want to be running a smart, safe, commercially-savvy business. The problem then, of course, is how to get those tricky bits done so they don’t distract you (or come back to bite you in the bum later!).

We know you want to be busy building your business, delivering what you do best and growing. But when it comes to business law, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and no-one wants to get caught out on a clause that could cost them (in more ways than one).

Perhaps some parts of your business aren’t working quite how you’d like them to be:

  • Maybe you’re constantly worried about cash flow or find yourself wasting time chasing up bad debts?
  • You know you should have clear trading terms in place, but feel unsure where to start or what to edit on the versions you have right now?
  • You stress out about signing contracts that are put in front of you (as you don’t understand all the small print)
  • You’re constantly worried that a competitor will steal your ideas and your products (but don’t know how to get trademarks, copyright, and brand protection sorted)
  • Sometimes you feel out of your depth having conversations with suppliers and customers about the terms of trade between you, and end up feeling screwed over in negotiations (or, worse still, not even knowing when you have been)
  • Is there always another fire to fight and you simply wish you had a legally-savvy friend you could call every time you’re ‘not sure’ about something?

This is what we at Team Serenwood call work!

To take care of all the ‘tricky bits’ in business, we’ve included a set of contracts, documents, guides, and checklists as part of of the Get Savvy Business Club so you get to be certain without stress! And, more importantly, we become that trusted friend who can set you straight just when you need us.

We’re also here as business consultants to guide, correct, and encourage you to build a brilliant business foundation and grow ‘legally’, without the threat of a big bill just when you don’t need it (usually after something’s gone wrong…)

The Serenwood team are commercial lawyers who think like business owners. We’ve worked in ‘Big Law’ but now offer SMEs a smart mix of jargon-free, practical commercial advice with hands-on support. And we know all about the challenges of building a business as we’re living it every day just like you!

If you’ve read this far…

We know that you don’t want to get it wrong, and will take steps not to, because you know that having the basics of business law ‘sorted’ and getting savvy with the ‘tricky bits’ means strong foundations for smart business growth.

We also know you’re OK to not know it all (and no-one expects you to) but you need to know someone who does. Surrounding yourself with experts in different elements of business is always the smartest way to work. You have your accountant for accounts, and now you can have your legal advisors on tap, too.

And you get that there is power in a ‘group’ that encourages expansion. While part of the Get Savvy Business Club is access to information and ‘legal know-how’, the other part is the connection and support you also get from other business owners. With a supportive a group of business owners there is shared knowledge and learning from everyone’s area of expertise. You know that jack-of-all-trades is master of none, but a talented group of trades in one room–that’s the jackpot. And we’re building that in as part of the Get Savvy Business Club.

A successful meeting

Here’s what we know…

We know small business, as we work with them day in and day out (and we are one too). We know small business owners want easy-to-understand, straight-forward jargon free help. Which is why we promise never to speak ‘legal-ese’ to you.

Step-by-step instructions are standard at Serenwood, and help is on hand when you need it (which, if we’ve done our job well with the contents of the Get Savvy Business Club, won’t be as often as you expect). And by adding in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network with and share your challenges and ideas, you get full support to grow. The sooner the ‘tricky bits’ of your business are sorted, the more confident you’ll be to tackle new opportunities.

How the Get Savvy Business Club works

All content– contracts, documents, guides, and checklists–are hosted online in a ‘hub’ alongside video guides to talk you through how to use them. You’ll get immediate access to a members-only online hub where your resources will be accessible 24/7.
You can learn at your own pace, or you can work through the content in a structured way alongside other members following the timetable we’ll set out.
As soon you join, you’ll have access to template contracts and documents (expertly drafted by Team Serenwood) that every business needs, so you can implement those immediately to put your business on a safer commercial footing from day one.
We’ll then help you put down strong legal roots, teach you the basics of business law and help you to avoid disputes in your growing business.
As consultants we’ll give you practical help so you can quickly tick off those boring but essential legal tasks which have been keeping you awake at night. Then we’re there to talk growth.

Here’s a taste of what’s included (& we add more every month)

  • Contracts, getting paid on time, protecting your brand
  • Negotiating deals and entering into partnerships and affiliate arrangements
  • Signing up to new suppliers and making sure your customers are happy with what they get
  • The rights your consumer clients have and how to make sure you’re compliant
  • Carrying out regular audits on your business and maximising profit
  • Providing a ‘place to go’ where you can ask those any legal questions or queries
Get Savvy Business Club

Membership to the Get Savvy Business Club

  • A low monthly fee of £85 +VAT
  • or £850 +VAT if you prefer to pay for one year in one go

Our aim is to create an affordable, accessible and impactful advice hub for small businesses to run alongside our ‘bigger’ small business clients who pay us retainers (these start at £1000 each month by comparison). There is a cap on membership to the Get Savvy Business Club to ensure we can give you our Team Serenwood friendly service and full attention as consultants on tap.

We will run a waiting list, but if you want ‘in’, join now.

Get Savvy Business Club Monthly

Get Savvy Business Club for a Year

The value of your Membership

To give you an idea of the value of your Get Savvy Business Club membership – the bundle of template documents (which are included) we sell for £800 on their own (which we had already priced at less than 1/3 of the cost of a ‘High Street Lawyer’ drafting them for you).
Also included is our ‘Legal-Easy’ training programme which explains how to use the template documents correctly (we sell this for £350).
Then there’s us! Being conservative, we’d also value the time Team Serenwood consulting time on live Q&A sessions, in person meet-ups, answering questions when you’re stuck, and creating extra downloadable resources at £250 a month at least.
So if we add that all up it’s a a total value of £4150 if you join for a year of Membership. But you pay only £850 (or £85 a month).

We’re sure you’re already savvy enough to realise this is a bit of a bargain!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you priced the Get Savvy Business Club so low?

We genuinely want to help and impact as many entrepreneurial small businesses as we can, and we know that if something’s ‘too much’ you might put off paying for it. We’re a small business too and we know how hard it is to get the help you need at an affordable price. That said, being lawyers, we also know how important it is to have strong contracts and other agreements in place! And we’ll be honest, there’s another incentive for us too…. because we’re helping you grow your business too, we expect that in a year or two’s time you’ll be asking us to help you out with affiliate agreements, partnership contracts, distribution deals and sponsorship rights and lots of other lovely complex commercial deals. At which point you can either invest in those extras you need, or transfer to our retained monthly service for ‘bigger’ small businesses.

Our intention is that we grow together.

Does this work for every type of business? (I’m not sure it’s right for mine…)

If you’re not sure you need to get in great shape ‘legally’, grab a copy of our “Commercial Health Check” doc (available to download here [LINK TO WEBSITE]) and check whether you feel you have enough protection already set up in your business. If you don’t, or already know you’ve left out those ‘tricky bits’, we want to make sure you’re not exposed. All the content included in the Get Savvy Business Club works for both ‘product’ and ‘service’ based businesses. Plus you’ll be able to ask us how it works for your business exactly in the Q&A options provided. It’s so important to create confidence and be reassured that your business is on a strong footing as it grows. If you’re committed to long-term growth, learn how the legal side of your business works now and you’ll have the confidence to take great strides.

What if I decide I don’t like it?

We don’t want anyone to stay in the Get Savvy Business Club who isn’t happy. We’re looking to create a group of ambitious, driven and passionate entrepreneurs who are going to do amazing things with their businesses in the coming years. If you sign up and it’s not for you, simply ask for your money back, no questions asked. Obviously, you will have to return any downloaded materials and sign an agreement saying you won’t use any of the contractual documents (hey, we’re lawyers), but other than that… you’re entirely free to change your mind.

The content sounds great, but what if there are other things I need over time?

There is always an opportunity to ask questions to help tailor or understand if you need an extra agreement (the Facebook group and live Q&A calls are the place for this). If there are enough members asking for the same thing, we will add extra new content and training during the course of the year. You’ll be subscribed to our newsletter so you’ll also continue to get interesting and valuable content in your inbox. And we’ll be bringing guest experts into the group on a regular basis, to teach you “more than the law” and help you grow your business, too. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll try and help. If something you need lies outside of the scope of the club, we’ll let you know what that would cost, and apply special rates to our usual fees to provide advice or legal help.

How long do I have to go through the online training?

In terms of the core training module–’Legal-Easy’–taking you through the fundamentals of business law, this is designed to be take place over 8 weeks. You can, of course, work through it quicker (or slower!) as you prefer. It’s set up in a logical order of progression, so it is best to stick to that, but take the time you need to take it all in. The ‘Legal-Easy’ training remains available in the resource hub throughout the year and so you can revisit or start the training at any time. You can download training materials and use them in your business forever. Other training modules will be added at regular intervals to reflect member requests for information and help.

Anything else? Drop us a line at hello@serenwood.co.uk

About Serenwood

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Our legal consultancy business Serenwood exists to help people JUST LIKE YOU. We’re a happy team of commercial lawyers who escaped our 9–5 (well, actually, we were pretty much 24/7 hours on-call) careers in Big Law to create a lifestyle business we love. We bring a brand new type of business & legal consultancy service, unique to the marketplace.

Jargon-free, practical commercial advice to empower and educate businesses and help ambitious business owners just like you. We believe passionately that top-quality commercial advice should be accessible and affordable to all. And we know for a fact that that if all small business owners were able to access the legal help they needed at the right time, then they would be able to flourish, blossom and bloom. The Get Savvy Business Club is a great example of the way in which we’re leveraging digital solutions to deliver our know-how in an affordable way in order to impact more and more businesses.

If it’s time for you to get legally-strong, commercially grounded and savvy–come on in.

We’re ready and waiting to guide and support you in your business as you grow.